• Reconval b6

    Reconval b6
    Certain targeted therapy and classic cytostatic drugs, mainly drugs used to treat liver, colon, kidney, breast and ovarian cancer and chronic myeloid leukaemia, cause hand-foot syndrome.
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  • Reconval k1

    Reconval k1
    Reconval K1 is a preparation containing vital ingredients that reduce skin changes caused by treatment with targeted therapy drugs. The cream can be bought in pharmacies without a prescription.
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  • Contrakel

    In the case of large and prominent scars, especially, cells quickly lose moisture and the area becomes less elastic. The skin in that area feels tight.
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  • Depigment

    Depigment is a cream that helps reduce skin pigmentation caused by aging and/or overexposure to the sun. By applying the cream on a regular basis, the pigmentation marks become significantly less visible.
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