For the treatment of scars resulting from injuries, operations, frostbite and acne.

Contrakel is a cream for the treatment of hypertrophic and atrophic scars and keloids. It can be applied to the scar as soon as the surgical wound has closed and healed. By applying the Contrakel cream on a daily basis, you can expect good results.

What can you do to make a scar as inconspicuous as possible? A lot. Right after the operation, start cooling the wound, thereby reducing the swelling, making the edges of the wound less "ragged" and hence making the scar less prominent.

In the case of large and prominent scars, especially, cells quickly lose moisture and the area becomes less elastic. The skin in that area feels tight.

Active ingredients: if the anti-scar cream is regularly applied to the scar, it will heal better. Continue to apply the cream until the scar is completely formed, i.e. for six to twelve months. A scar forms in a healed wound because the space is not filled by skin but by connective tissue.

Effects and benefits of the Contrakel cream:

  • reduces itching
  • keeps the healed skin moist
  • speeds up skin regeneration
  • prevents excessive growth of connective tissue
  • softens hard tissue
  • the cream is appropriate for scar massage

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