Reconval b6

Reconval b6

Reconval b6 cream relieves hand-foot syndrome and soothes inflamed skin caused by radiation therapy.

Certain targeted therapy and classic cytostatic drugs, mainly drugs used to treat liver, colon, kidney, breast and ovarian cancer and chronic myeloid leukaemia, cause hand-foot syndrome.

The skin changes mainly affect the hands and feet, hence the name "hand-foot syndrome". The skin on the hands and feet reddens, burns, may also break out in blisters and cracks and often peels.
Such skin causes patients to have difficulty walking and picking things up. Both areas of the skin need proper daily care. Although these side-effects only start to appear within seven to ten days after the first application of the drug and reach their peak a good thirty days after the beginning of treatment, it is advisable to start special skin care on the first day of treatment, thus helping to minimise the side-effects.

Available online:

Use and characteristics of the Reconval B6 cream:

  • The cream is applied to the skin several times a day as needed.
  • It is available in pharmacies without a prescription.
  • Containing vitamin B6 and other moisturising and nourishing ingredients, the Reconval B6 cream has an extremely beneficial effect on skin changes on the hands and feet.

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